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Izmailovo Kremlin and Marcket

Izmailovo Kremlin appeared recently (the construction was completed in 2007), but immediately became a prominent landmark of the capital. The architectural ensemble of the Izmaylovskiy Kremlin was created according to drawings and engravings of the royal residence of the 16th-17th centuries, located not far from this place. Today it is a cultural and entertainment center "The Kremlin in Izmailovo", the buildings of which are located on a hill, so the white-stone walls, painted turrets, the dome of a wooden temple, the blades of a windmill, fabulous as if toy roofs are seen from afar. The territory is pretty much everything, so take some time to inspect everything carefully.

Visitors enter the territory through a gate with two massive towers. In the center stands the wooden church of St. Nicholas, built in 2000, with a height of 46 meters. In the upper part of the temple an observation deck is arranged, with a view of the Silver-Vine Pond and Izmailovo Island with the surviving 17th-century buildings. The church is functioning, with it there is a children's Sunday school.

Surrounding the temple are trade fairs. Here you can buy watches, icons, porcelain and amber products, famous Ural gems, all sorts of Russian souvenirs - nesting dolls, scarves, lacquer miniature, production of the plant in Gus-Khrustalny, decorated with Khokhloma tableware.

The choice in the shopping arcade is rich, but the main place for all lovers of decorative and applied art remains the Vernisage near the Kremlin - an exhibition of folk handicrafts, handicrafts, souvenirs and antiques. This is a real city in miniature, which is inhabited by talented craftsmen. The names of the streets tell about the assortment presented on them: the street of crafts, the avenue of artists, the flea market, antique and silver rows. There is also a blacksmith's yard - an art forging workshop.


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