Husky Park.

"Sam"-Syit translates as «the village of the Saami people». This is a place for preserving the traditions of the ancient Saami (or Laplanders), the indigenous inhabitants of Murmansk Oblast who lived on the Kola Peninsula, northern Norway, Sweden, and Finland

This open-air ethnographic museum introduces you to the traditional way of life of the Saami people living in the centre of the Kola Peninsula. The local Saami «Sam"-Syit» community arranges tours to a Saami village every year. The Saami natives talk about their history and their way of life. At the ethnographic museum in the Petroglyps national cafe you can taste Saami cuisine — «lim», salmon soup, and «vyar» venison with potatoes; «pakula» national herbal tea, local «Lovozersky» bread, and other dishes. 

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