Shantar archipelago - Whale Safari 

5770 USD



- Day 1: Khabarovsk -

Meet at Internation Airport Khabarovsk with company logo "" Transfer to Boutique-hotel “Khabarovsk City” 4* Free timeOptional: city tour in Khabarovsk Khabarovsk is the center of the Far Eastern Federal District of Russia and the Khabarovsk Territory. One of the largest political, educational and cultural centers of the Russian Far East.Population - 618,150.It is located in the center of the intersection of international rail and air transport routes on the right bank of the Amur Channel and the Amur River in the Middle Amur Lowland, near the border with China. The city has two airports, a railway station, four railway stations, a highway junction, a river port.

- Day 2: Khabarovsk - Briakan -

Transfer by bus Khabarovsk - helipad of Briakan settlement on the way from 10 to 14 hours by comfortable bus 45 seats. On the way to Briakan bus stop on cafe, meals at own expense. On arrival in the village of Briakan dinner. Accommodation for the night in a common house.The village of Briakan was founded in 1930. The name is Negidal, it originated from the Briakan River (Section), which originates from the steep hills and stretches for 18 km, meaning "valley of happiness, good luck", "dark river".

- Day 3: Shantar archipelago -

Departure by helicopter to the Bay of Ongochan (time can be change depend on wither condition). Duration of flight, 1.5 hours. In the absence of weather at the Ongocan helipad, flights to alternative sites are possible, where high-speed boats will meet and will be delivered to the base. At base accommodation, sauna, meals, excursions.Shantar Islands National Park covers both the terrestrial and maritime surroundings of the Shantar Islands, a group of 15 currently uninhabited islands that lie close to the coast of Khabarovsk Krai, in the Sea of Okhotsk in the Russian Far East. Most of the islands are moderately mountainous, with rugged cliffs; the highest point is 720 m. Situated just to the east of the westernmost, shallowest and calmest bay in the Sea of Okhotsk, the area around the islands is an important area for marine mammals - including Steller Sea Lions, seals, and many species of cetacean (gray, bowhead, minke, beluga, and killer whale) - plus spawning salmon and very large colonies of birds. The park was formerly a state nature reserve, but re-established as a federal national park in 2013 with the stated purpose of protecting the habitat of vulnerable species (and in particular guarding against poaching), and supporting the scientific study and ecological tourism of the area. The Shantar Islands are located in the Tuguro-Chumikansky District of Khabarovsk Krai. The park is overseen by the Russian Ministry of Natural Resources.

- Day 4: Shantar archipelago -

Morning wake up, excursion for the whole day. Bolshoy Shantar Island, Cape Raduzhny, Yakshino bay, Big Shantar meteorological station, 18th-century fat-smelters (history of American whaling), Fr. Utichy, about. Bird, Southern coast of the Sea of Okhotsk. Arrival in the bay Ongochan, rest at sauna.

- Day 5: Shantar archipelago -

Morning wake up, moving to Wrangel Bay, on the way we visit the islands of Small Shantar, Fr. Southern, about. Average Shantar archipelago. Accommodation in the Wrangel Bay in a tent camp, sauna. Whale safari program. Travel by speedboats in the Sea of Okhotsk from 2 to 4 hours, the speed of boat depends on the weather.

- Day 6: Shantar archipelago -

Whale Watching program. Sauna, fishing, rest, excursions.Park rules will protect the maritime environment, with fishing prohibited out to 1-3 miles from the coast to cover salmon spawning areas. Terrestrial mammals include brown bear, caribou, red fox, sable, river otter, and ringed seals. Over 240 species of birds live on or migrate through the Shantars, including the endangered species such as the Blakiston's fish owl and Steller's sea eagle.

- Day 7: Shantar archipelago - 

Whale Watching program. Sauna, fishing, rest, excursions.There is a very unique and marvelous place of beauty on the globe where whales swim among floating icebergs, orcas chase seals, bears roam the shores, mountains are adorned with cascading waterfalls, bizarre rock formations of marble and a jasper rise from the earth, the rivers are teemingwith fish, and the sweet sounds of birds can be heard. This magical place situated in the western part of the Sea of Okhotsk is called the Shantar archipelago.

- Day 8: Shantar archipelago -

Whale Watching program. Sauna, fishing, rest, excursions.Amazing fishing. The handsome spotted lenok, rainbow trout, graylings, predatory loaches, toothy trout, and huge three-pound taymen just to name a few - a dream to any fisherman.

- Day 9: Shantar archipelago -

Transfer to Ongochan Bay. Accommodation on the base, optional excursion along the southern coast of the Sea of Okhots and visit island Belychey.On the coast of Sea of ​​Okhotsk, nature has created ideal conditions for whale watching. One can see how the huge Bowhead whales gracefully dance and beat their tails on the surface of the water. Off the coast you can see families of gray whales feeding as they will swim close enough that you can see them with your bare eyes.

- Day 10: Shantar archipelago -

Departure by helicopter to Brikan helipad. Overnight

- Day 11: Brican - Khabarovsk -

Transfer from Brikan helipad to Khabarovsk. On arrival to Khabarovsk check inn to Boutique-hotel “Khabarovsk City” 4*Free time.

- Day 12: Khabarovsk -

Check out from hotel.Transfer to Khabarovsk International airport.

Price: 5770 USD per person.

*Prices are per person based on double occupancy in a specific hotel. You should add single supplement to the price in case you travel in a group but you stay at a single room. To inquire about group rates, please contact us.

Prices include

  • Transfer in/out Airport - Hotel - Airport

  • Welcome package on arrival (1 bottle of drinking water per traveller and 1 local sim card per traveller) 

  • Flight by helicopter from Helipad Ongchan to Shantary Island (round trip).  

  • Transfers according to the program

  • English speaking guide during all trip. 

  • Professional wild life instructor. 

  • Cooke of traditional Russian and Fare East cuisine.

  • Full insurance against accidents (evacuation from any point by helicopter and medical escort).

  • Delicious food of Russian and Fare East cuisine (shabab, shurpa, seafood season, etc.).

  • Meeting and seeing off at the airport in Khabarovsk and transfer in out to hotel with Eanglish speeking guide. 

  • Obtaining permission to visit the national park.

  • Daily excursions to the most interesting places in the western Sea of ​​Okhotsk, the Shantar Islands and the coasts (depending on weather conditions).

  • Petrol for boats.

  • All equipment and equipment for the tour.

  • Boots and fishing tackle.

  • Whale Watching.

  • The sauna is daily on all bases.

  • Evenings by the fire and a good company.

  • Hotel accommodation

  • Breakfast at hotel

  • Free visa invitation - the document necessary for obtaining a Russian visa when applying for one at the local Russian Consulate in your country.


Prices do not include 

  • International airfare. Our Russian tours are offered as land only where you arrange your own airfare and we meet you at the airport and handle everything else. 

  • Optional services as like city tour in Khabarovsk

  • Meal during stay at hotel in Khabarovsk city

  • Meal on way from Khabarovsk to Helipad Ongchan

Tour dates are flexible. Itinerary of tour can be change depend on working time of musume and publike holiday. We can include additional excursions or performances on your request. Also we can offer ant hotel under your request. 

Payment policy:
To book a tour, 30% deposit is required at the moment of booking. The trip must be fully paid 20 days before departure.

Cancellation policy:

14 days before departure - a fee equal to 30% of the entire package will be charged.
7 days or less before departure or no-show - a fee equal to 100% of the package will be charged.


Hotel accommodation

In Khabarovsk hotel 4*. 

During Safari camping on base of Wrangel Bay, on the routes outside the bases of the tent camp, the Base Ongocan hostel with 4-6 peopel in room.

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