Foreign tourists can come to Russia without a visa, using Fan ID

Visa-free entry to Russia during the forthcoming World Cup in 2018 should be the main factor in attracting foreign tourists in the next summer season. 

Recently  received many calls from foreign tour operators with questions about how to buy a ticket for the match and how to issue a visa.  

People engaged in tourist business abroad, still do not know that the passport of the fan gives the possibility of visa-free entry to Russia! And after all it can and should be the main information reason of the whole promotion program for attracting tourists to our country during the championship. 

This opportunity can be used by a wider range of travelers, not just football fans. "In order to visit Russia without a visa, it's enough just to buy one ticket for any game". 

Average cost of a match ticket - $ 105 - is comparable to the visa fees for foreigners coming to Russia. There is no additional fee for registration of Fan ID. 

For foreign citizens and stateless persons Fan ID will give the right to visa-free stay in Russia. Such an opportunity will be available to viewers in a period beginning 10 days before the date of the first match of the FIFA 2018 FIFA World Cup and ending no later than ten days after the date of the last match.  

If you are planning visit Russia during FIFA 2018 individual or by group, team will help you to organize any land support service (hotel, transfer, train ticket, guiding and other). 

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